About Us


Banzo Bites was created by a proud all-female team of foodies that work in food- a group of students studying food science, pastry, and business. We wanted to spread the joy that food brought with everyone we knew- that meant using our skills to make it safe, nutritious, and delicious for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or food allergies. 

We quickly found out that our friends and family were not the only ones with dietary restrictions- there are over 26M Americans with a food allergy, and healthier and mindful snacking has been on the rise for the past decade. Such a huge variety of restrictions in the same crowd makes it difficult to meet everyone's needs while including everyone- we wanted to solve this issue with Banzo Bites. We set out to thoughtfully design Banzo Bites so as to be a delicious snack that was simply allergen free. And we ran several taste testings to make sure that people did in fact love it. 

We took out all the top 8 allergens, and replaced them with nourishing ingredients such as chickpeas and sunflower seeds to reimagine snacking as you know it- why only have healthy when you can have healthy and indulgent?

Sharing Banzo Bites with our community made us realize how much more inclusive our social gatherings, school, and office settings were- and we set out to share it with the world. We hope you and your loved ones enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

Join us in the inclusive snacking revolution!



Ayna Arora

Ayna first found her love for food when she was 14, through creating bakes on her cheat day as a junior tennis professional. This new-found passion led her to travel the Asia-Pacific region starting with Savor Chocolate School in Australia, and doing stints at places like Room 4 Dessert and 2am Dessert Bar. Ayna is currently a graduating senior in Food Science at The Ohio State University and is passionate about creative ways to make food sustainable, nutritious, and delicious. Ayna is a TedX Speaker, an award-winning product developer, and a Global Sustainability Fellow at Unleash. Ayna still keeps in touch with her pastry roots through merging advocacy and desserts via social media. 


Megan Lu

In co-founding Banzo & Beyond, Megan combined her three biggest passions: food, people, and science. She holds a degree from The Ohio State University in Food Science & Technology, which means that she could talk for hours about the chemistry of food & cooking! With this knowledge of food and her work experience at verifiable food giants like Cargill  and The J.M. Smucker Company, she cares deeply about promoting truths on food and fostering trust between the food industry and consumers through her company. Megan is also a creative at heart and can often be found strumming along to her ukulele, baking up a storm, or scouting out every local coffee shop with a sketchbook in hand.